Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dinosaur Unit Study - Day 3

Today we took our first field trip!  Since we have been studying dinosaurs, we decided to go to the Texas Memorial Museum at the University of Texas in Austin (where Marcos and I went to school).  

Before we went, I printed up a mini-book from the TMM web site that Jagger could use to help navigate through the museum.  We're probably going to use this mini book in his dino lapbook.  There are actually lots of helpful printables on the TMM web site here under lessons and activities.

Here are a few pics from our time with the dinosaurs:

Of course, since this is Texas, a central piece of the exhibit was a fossil that closely resembled a giant armadillo (behind that really good looking mom with her son).

Lulu and DeeDee (my mom) found a meteorite!  I think it's pretty cool that my baby girl touched something that has been in outer space.

"I once caught a fish this big..."

This was Jagger's favorite part of the entire exhibit.  I could not tear him away from the microscope.

Dee Dee is about to lose it as Finn tries to climb over the glass walls to play with the dinos.

My favorite part of the museum.  This is the Texas Pterosaur.  With a wing span of almost 40 feet, he is the largest flying creature ever found on Earth.  Hu.Mung.Us.

I almost made a comment here about what would happen if the Pterosaur decided he needed to poop/pee, but I decided to refrain.  I'm gonna keep it classy.

What a cutie.  

Can't wait to continue learning and for our next field trip adventure!

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