Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{CC} Cycle 3, Week 1

Now that I am going to be officially homeschooling 3 kiddos (eek!), I am trying to take a little extra time this summer to plan out our lesson plans and ideas for the upcoming Fall year.  I will be homeschooling one 3rd grader and two Kindergarteners.

Typically, I like to keep things very simple with our homeschooling.  We keep "the main things the main things" as I've been told.  We stick to the memory work, Bible, Math, Phonics, and Handwriting (ok, and a little Spanish, Drawing, and Piano here and there).  We read library books each week that correlate with our memory work.  But, in addition to that, I like to have my options open in case we need a little creative inspiration.

There are SO many ideas surrounding Columbus.  So excited!


Here are a couple of Columbus Ideas:

This used to be a set sold by Oriental Trading Company, but I feel confident we can make it without the set!

These egg cup ships are another option.  All it takes is an egg carton, play dough, and toothpicks.  Lots of other Columbus ideas here.  Another idea: have the kids decorate paper towel rolls to use as their telescopes.  

{Tutorial here by Crayola}

Snack idea from here.  So easy and the kids would LOVE this!

This will be our book of choice.  Hoping to buy the entire pack of D'Aulaire books.


I think I'll make a hopscotch board like this to help the kids learn our Latin Prepositions!  We can add to it each week.


Personally, I am going to spend the whooping $3 to buy this packet of Mnemonic devices to learn the States & Capitals.  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania = Hairy Pen?!?  C'mon!  That is brilliant!


Loving this idea of making a piece of art with "found" objects around the house.  Could make the project, then identify the different "OiLs" in the art.  Art is always my favorite!  Can't wait to do this with the kids and hang it up in our (soon-to-exist) art display area.  

{instructions over here at Art in the Big Green Room}

I also love this idea of contrasting Piet Mondrian and Romero Britto.  Very simple and they'd be able to fill in the spaces with different oils.  


Draw Write Now 

(match ups for all of Cycle 3 here)

Book #2  - Columbus  (page 10)
Book #2 - Sailing West  (page 12)
Book #3 - The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria  (page 14)

I'll be updating this as I come across new ideas.  

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. You're stuff is awesome, thank you so much for being helpful! 1st time at CC

    1. Welcome to CC, Sherina! It has been such a blessing to our family. I hope you have a great year!

  2. Leslie, your ideas are fantastic! I love the art project idea and Latin hopscotch is just brilliant! And any craft that incorporates children's handprints is such a great keepsake! Thank you for sharing your creativity at the Cycle 3 Weekly Link-up!