Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{CC} Cycle 2, Week 2

Obviously, these plans are in the early stages.  I am going to be a CC tutor for the first time next year (our second CC year) and want to be fully prepared!  My goal is to spend the summer planning little by little so that during the actual CC school year I can just focus on the execution. 


Love this art activity from Deep Space Sparkle:

This would be great for both Merrick and possibly the twins.  

Very cool - web site where kids can explore a castle.

Merrick would LOVE this funny video about all the kings and queens of England starting with William the Conqueror.  Must watch!


I really like the two ideas below for sea craft ideas from Tonya at Make and Takes.


Poor Daffy Duck learns that not knowing your pronouns can get you in trouble!  (Warning: Elmer Fudd does use his gun in this clip.)

Pocket full of pronouns from Teacher Bits and Bobs

Free pronoun printable and interactive chart with Teachers Pay Teachers


Let's Learn about Symmetry from All Things Heart and Home.  I remember doing this same kind of project with a butterfly when I was a young girl and I LOVED it.  

Here is a symmetrical butterfly art project that is just a bit more advanced for kids that are just a bit older.  It's from Deep Space Sparkle, one of my favorite go-to sites for art resources for kids.


It's been tough trying to find games or activities surrounding consumers.  The kids did like watching this video over my shoulder however (especially the part where the elephant puts an entire pumpkin in his mouth):

Several links to some food chain games here at Mrs. Thompson's class blog.

That's it for now!

I should mention...this is just a list of resources and ideas.  We don't actually complete all of these activities.  In a typical day, we have a Bible lesson, review the CC memory work, do phonics and math, and (perhaps) complete one craft activity or game that correlates to our memory work. We also spend time reading together.  Merrick will be in the 2nd grade starting Fall 2013.  The twins will be 4 years old.  Aside from the Bible lesson, I do not expect any thing from the twins in regard to their formal education.  If they choose to join us, they may.  If they do not want to participate, they may play independently.  

I'm linking up to the Cycle 2 Weekly Link Up Page on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood blog.  It is one of the most helpful blogs there is for CC parents!


  1. This is so helpful. Thank you for posting!! We are starting our third year of CC. ;)

  2. Love the you tube videos! Thank you!

  3. Do you have a read aloud list of books?