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Welcome to Gettin' Skooled!

Life is crazy.  I would have never thought that I'd be a homeschoolin' mama.  Honestly, even after I had my first kid, I looked forward to the days when I could drop my motley gang off at the front door of the public school and wave "Adios."  I daydreamed of how I'd spend my days reading, getting massages, and catching up on the many, many craft projects that are currently sitting half finished on my incredibly cluttered craft desk.

Somewhere along the line, God changed my heart.  Radically.  My husband and I became friends with some a*mazing families that homeschool  Getting to know their clans helped me to catch a vision for our family.  My heart began to open up to the idea of investing my time and energy into my childrens' education (instead of passing the buck).  I started to see how I could not only have the privilege of shaping their education, I could use these years to shape their characters and heart as well.

Now, I am a sold out, crazy, homeschoolin' mama.  Not every day is perfect.  Not even close.  But, I get to be there when my son has those "aha" moments.  I get to see my children play and discover together.  I still spend my days reading, just as I once day dreamed, but typically, I do it outloud with three children on my lap.

Gettin' Skooled is our family blog where we record our homeschool adventures and special moments.  Part of our posts are to record our progress, document links, and share with others what we've learned (ie. what not to do!).  The other part is just pure memories.

{Merrick's first day of Homeschool Kindergarten}

Currently (Summer 2014), we are preparing to homeschool Merrick, who will begin 3rd grade in just a few weeks.  Our 5 year old twins, Scout and Sawyer, will be beginning Kindergarten!  I can't believe it!  We are about to begin our 4th year homeschooling.

For more information on our family, you can check out our family blog, Modderhood.

You can also visit my craft blog, Onesie Twosie.

Happy Homeschoolin'!