Thursday, July 31, 2014

{CC} Cycle 3, Week 2

Heeeeere we go with CC Cycle 3, Week 2 ideas!

Here is my regularly scheduled disclaimer: we keep it simple here at Gettin' Skooled!  Our core is our weekly memory work.  After that, we focus on math and phonics.  But, we are a creative family and always need a little bit of inspired craftiness for fun.  Here are a few ideas!

Whuuuut?!?  We get to do Pilgrim crafts this week?!?  Two weeks in a row of fuuuuun craftiness!


There are lots of toilet paper pilgrim ideas out there, but I just love this idea of adding my kids' photo.  Plus, we can totally save these and use them as napkin holders at Thanksgiving!


I know my little Scoutie Girl would love to make a pilgrim girl hat:

{source and directions here}

For some reason, I think my 2 kindergarteners will really like making this drawing:

This one might be biting off more than we can chew, but for some reason, I think my kids might be into painting some 2x4s and making a wooden pilgrim:


Great YouTube video here that works for both Cycle 3 Week 2 AND 3:


We'll continue to use the mnemonic devices packet I mentioned in Cycle 3, Week 1 to memorize the states and capitals.  

Definitely going to show the kids this YouTube video of a man drawing through the capitals of the US (to an original song).  They will love this. 


Might have to make a skeleton out of q-tips and label the parts.  Could also use different types of pasta.  


Love this demonstration by A Cuppa for Mama on why we have bones!


Here's a fun art project idea for the week:

Another idea is to make symmetrical bugs:


Draw Write Now
(Cycle 3 Match Ups here)

Book #3 - Pilgrims in England  (page 50)
Book #3 - Sailing to America  (page 54)
Book #3 - Plymouth  (page 56)

Happy Homeschooling!

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