Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dinosaur Unit Study - Day 2

Today, we kept it simple.  We focused our time on our little craft and used that activity to lead into some reading about dinosaurs.  

While at the library on Monday, we came across an awesome craft book called Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs by Kathy Ross.  There are other books by Kathy that are similar to this one for kids who are wild about insects, the ocean, space, etc.  We will definitely be using this line of books again in the future.  Her crafts are very simple and seem to use a lot of inexpensive or household items.  The craft today cost about $5.

We used this craft to learn about flying reptiles that existed during the time of the dinosaurs.  It's called the "Gliding Archaeopteryx" from Crafts for Kids.

First, we painted the pieces of a craft plane green (per Jagger's decision).  Next, we glued the pieces of the plane together.  While we waited for the glue to dry (or mostly dry), we sat down and read some in our dinosaur library books.

Next, we glued feathers onto the plane.  Jagger was incredibly picky about which feathers to use, which was very funny and very frustrating at the same time.  He would have taken all day to inspect all 200 feathers if I had allowed him.  But, I did not.  Eventually, I put on a timer and gave him 3 minutes to finish covering the plane.

Then, we took a pipe cleaner and wrapped it around the "neck" of the plane to create legs and claws.  

What a goof!  I don't know where he gets it?!?  

Lastly, we glued wobbly eyes onto the sides of the plane.  

Now, it's time to play!!!

Here, the archaeopteryx is about to eat Jagger for lunch.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Texas Memorial Museum to check out dinosaur fossils!  I can't wait to see how Jagger responds...


  1. Wow! I am impressed! The end result is really gorgeous. Jagger is a budding artist! Dee Dee