Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{CC} Cycle 3, Week 3

Helllllo, CCers!

Here are some ideas for keeping Cycle 3, Week 3 fun and creative.

Here is my regularly scheduled disclaimer: we keep it simple here at Gettin' Skooled!  Our core is our weekly memory work.  After that, we focus on math and phonics.  But, we are a creative family and always need a little bit of inspired craftiness for fun.  Here are a few ideas!


I think this is such a fun idea: we're going to make our own tea mugs and have a tea party!

Here's a great source with ideas and directions.  The good thing is you can often find mugs to paint at the Dollar Store.  

Here's a fun YouTube video by SchoolHouse Rock about the Boston Tea Party.  

If making tea cups are not your thing, you can make a boat!  I couldn't find the original source for this photo and idea.  If you know, send me the info and I'll credit it.  

Here are the directions found on Pinterest:

Milk carton with the top cut off. Cover the carton with brown paper. clay in the middle of the carton to stick a straw in. cut out a blue triangle for the sail-tape to the straw. staple a tea bag with the string to the side of the carton. students can toss out the tea from the ship!

Here's a book I definitely want to check out at the library:


Just an idea: use Easter eggs to match the Latin pronouns.



Draw Write Now - Book 5, Page 28 (New Nation)