Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Improved Santa

Yesterday, I took the kids to the store to get pictures with Santa.  Since they had SUCH a great time (see pic below), I thought I'd make our theme today aaaaaallll about the big, jolly man himself.  

If you're wondering, this Santa theme day was not originally a part of my Christmas Unit Study.

I really wanted to go super-mom on this thing.  So, I started off the day by making pancake batter from scratch (this recipe here will make you go home and kiss yo' grandmama), which I lovingly turned into Santa Claus (using banana slices, raisins, a cinnamon candy, and strawberry jam).  Before you start thinking, "Wow, what an idyllic little homeschool world these people live in," which I am sure you are thinking, let me be honest here: while I was putting this particular Santa together, I may or may not have had a little 5 year old in time out screaming, "Let me out!!! Let me out!!!"  For the record, it was a legit time out.  I didn't lock him in the closet in order to have peace and quiet while I made Santa pancakes.

The night before, as I schemed up the whole Santa pancake breakfast, I imagined handing them to a table full of children chanting, "Mom's the best!  Mom's the best!"  That, clearly, was not the case.  Mr. Kindergardener was just not having a great morning and I think even pancakes in the shape of Baby Jesus would not have cheered him up.  However, at least one kiddo was happy.  Too bad it was the kid that doesn't yet know how to chant.

I've been trying to do a craft here and there in which my 2 year old twins can be included.  Today's craft was a simple one - Handprint Bearded Santa.  I already had the parts of this craft cut out.  I let the kids take turns glueing different parts down.  Then, each kiddo got to smack down one handprint for the beard.  I tried using their thumbs to make a 'stache and sideburns, but that didn't turn out so well.  I don't care.  As long as I have those sweet little handprints on Santa's beard...and not my wall.

Next, (after unsuccessfully trying to complete Jillian's 30 Day Shred together), we sat down to read this adorable book, A New Improved Santa.  I saw it mentioned on one of my favorite blogs, First Grade Parade, and our library just so happened to have it!

Once the twins were down for their nap (or, more accurately put, sneaking out of their cribs and playing not-so-quietly in their room), Merrick and I put together our own little new, improved Santa.  Initially, I thought we would completely redo Santa from head to toe.  I thought Merrick would want to make a karate Santa or a rock-n-roll Santa.  But, he was losing attention quickly, so I just decided to stop at the head and jot down a few thoughts instead.  Here's what we came up with:

I love how closely it resembles the muscle man from the carnivals!  And, I think it's time for a diet intervention: Santa is down to 20 pounds.  :(

Merricky Christmas! 
(Merrick thinks it's so cool that his name is so similar the word Merry...just had to throw that in there...)

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