Friday, December 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Homeschooling + Freebie

I am soooo behind in posting our Thanksgiving lessons.  Prepare yourself for a barrage of somewhat outdated posts!

Here is a snapshot of what we did together this Thanksgiving.  For our unit study plan, check out the post here

We disguised a turkey so that it wouldn't get eaten (it didn't work...we still ate turkey on the big day).  Merrick decided he wanted to disguise his turkey as Elvis. 

These were great books to read with the Disguise the Turkey craft:

We used the feathers of a turkey to write different words with the -ur sound.

We made a turkey handprint plaque.  

The twins joined in and made turkey handprints as well.  I love that their hands/turkeys are facing one another with a heart between them.

We printed out the Thanksgiving banner from Paging Supermom and colored it together (it took several days to do this).  

We made a paint-drop turkey.  This is similar to what I did as a kid to make butterfly paintings.  We cut out the shape of the feathers, dropped some paint on them, then folded them in half and smooshed them.

We also kept a gratitude journal.  I liked the idea of having a specific question to help Merrick think of things he is grateful for.  Throughout the month, we filled in the question, "What are you grateful for that's ________" with words like square, red, and silly.  

You can download a free copy of the gratitude journal here.  

Here are a few of the other books we read this month:

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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