Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I Homeschool - Reasons 19 & 20

Reason #19: Because a handwriting lesson turns into making funny play-doh faces.  

the double chin is made of play-doh too, just a different kind of dough...  :)

Do I look smarter with glasses?!?

Reason #20: I get to see my son make faces like this when he figures out the answer to 5 + 10.
(I asked him to reenact the face for the camera because it was just so cute.)

"Oh, yeah!!!"

And, on a side note, we started getting dressed for our first official homeschooling trip to the library when it became clear that the battery in my car was completely dead.  Bummer.  Though I was a bit disappointed to be stuck in the house, my good friend Jillian was there and came to the rescue (love you, Jill!).  I popped in the 30 Day Shred video I had just gotten in the mail and the kids were able to burn off some of that extra energy.  

The good thing about the video is that Jillian gives modifications to each exercise to help make it easier for beginners.  The unfortunate thing, however, is that there is no modification on how to do each exercise while a 34 pound toddler is attached to you and refuses to be detached.  I watched most of time (holding Sawyer) as Merrick completed the entire 20 minute workout.  After he finished Level One, Merrick insisted on moving on to Level Two.  Can you believe that craziness?!?  

It's been a great Day #2 of homeschooling.  We are definitely having challenges in the handwriting department, and that can be very frustrating for me.  It is easy for me to lose my patience with Merrick when he loses focus or doesn't complete a task the first time (or second or third) I ask him.  There is definitely some learning and growing to do for both of us.

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