Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our First Homeschool Field Trip!

We had SUCH a blast on our very first ACC Homes Cool Field Trip ever!  

There are 5 other families in our church that are currently homeschooling.  I say "currently" because I'm pretty sure we're going to do a good job of making a few homeschool converts this year!  I've even had a few non-parents come up to me and say, "You've inspired us to homeschool."  I thought, "That's great!  But, who you homeschooling, bro, the dog?!?"  :)

Anyway.  The coop.  We feel so blessed that at just the time we started homeschooling Merrick, God led four other families in our church to make the same decision (one family was already on that path).   During the three years that I researched and prayed to try to make this difficult decision, I felt pretty much alone in the effort.  Now, I feel I have companionship!  And, I LOVE every family in our coop.  Every single kid in the group is just so special and lovable in some way.  

We decided to call our little group ACC Homes Cool.  'Cause, come on, people!  We is COOL!!!

Here are the pictures from our very first field trip.  Since it was the beautiful month of October, we decided to go to a farm about an hour away from Austin.  There was a huge pumpkin patch, plus hayrides, animals to feed, strawberry popsicles to die for, corn mazes, and more.  

Here's our entire group (sans some Dads) in front of the smaller corn maze.  The older kids went through the ginormous Texas maze which took 2 hours to solve!

My incredible (and incredibly handsome!) hubby took a little time off work to join us.  Dog on.  Isn't he handsome as all get out?!?

Even Sawyer stood and let Mama take his picture in the giant candy corn!

Corn maze!  Sawyer took off.  I don't think he realized it was a maze.  His boy gene just kicked in and all he knew was that he could RUN!

Soooo adorable.  :)

When you found the giant candy corn at the end of the maze, you got to ring the bell!

There were great photo opps for family.  Sadly, this was the best one we took.  Four out of five of us have our eyes (mostly) open.  I count that a victory.

My precious pumpkin.  Scoutie's wearing a little pumpkin pillowcase dress I made for her last year.  This year, it was more of a long shirt but, hey, it still works!

My little stud Merrick loved sportin' his rad sunglasses everywhere.

Howdy, Farmer Bob!

Woo-hoo!  The kids loved feeding the goats.  Though, Scout thought they ate dirt and was covered with it by the time it was all over. 

Every man needs a little pink tractor.


Sweet Berry Farm

The ACC Homes Cool Mamas!  (minus one very special mommy)

(Oh, yes.  I did place a pumpkin in front of my belly for concealment.  I know how to rock it, girl.)

Fun times!!!

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