Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Handwriting Exercises

I learned today that if you allow a child to use the computer too much before he learns to write, his hard will hurt using a pencil.  The concept is that his hand will become used to being formed around something larger and that the muscles will not be used to using something small as a pencil.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I've let Merrick use the computer...way...too...much.

As it is, Merrick is not interested in writing. 

The following are some ideas of how to inprove his handwriting (or at least prepare him for handwriting).  Apparently, connect-the-dots and mazes help develop coordination that will help prepare him.

Handwriting Worksheets - preschool and kindergarten.  Traceable worksheets for every letter of the alphabet.  LOADS of great sheets. 

Kindergarten Writing Activies - tons of activities from this lacing card activity here to writing secret messages.  These exercises are simple and fun.  Lots of great ideas.

Occupational Therapy - exercises to help develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  Great information.

How to hold a pencil - instructions from Draw Your World, who has books for sell to help kids learn to draw.  Very cool.

Writing Resources - tons of great links including this awesome one where you can print out a custom tracing page.  You can write "Dinosaurs poop big poops" and they will print it out in a traceable worksheet!

Yeah!  Those are enough links to keep us busy through high school.

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