Friday, October 4, 2013

{CC} Cycle 2, Week 6 Tutor Plans

Here are my plans for our Cycle 2, Week 6 class...
Sidenote: I will not be listing the actual memory work on this page as I believe CC does not allow it.

Timeline - We will sing the timeline while playing musical chairs.  The kids love this one!

History Sentence - We'll sing the song while doing the following motions:

Renaissance period - Act like you're painting on a canvas, then act like you're hitting a period at the end of a sentence when saying "period."

1300 - 1650 - put your hands facing one another in a "C" shape, pull them a part

da Vinci - make a V with your fingers, then put your finger to your temple (like you have an idea), then pull it away, making little circles (hard to explain!)

Shakespeare - act like you are writing a play, then act as if you are being dramatic on a stage (one hand on your chest, one hand up in the air in stereotypical "Shakespeare" fashion)

Michelangelo - use your left hand as a palette and use your right hand to mix the paints on your palette, then paint the ceiling

Copernius - Make a C with your right hand, then make a fist with your left hand (the sun) and circle it with your thumb or finger of your other hand (a planet)

Geography - Trace on our dry erase pockets.  We may sing the song on CC Connected of "We'll be coming 'round the mountain."  Also, I print out the map provided by ReeneH.

English - Say the memory work to the "Everywhere We Go" chant (if you don't know the chant, you can watch this video here).

Everywhere we go....(kids repeat) *marching
People want to know...(kids repeat) *marching
Possessive Pronouns...(kids repeat) *reach out and grab something
(list the pronouns here...)
Possessive Pronouns!

If you want to repeat it at this can chant:

And if people can't hear us...(repeat)
We'll shout a little louder....(repeat)

Then, repeat the entire chant over...louder.

Latin - Erase-a-word

Math - 11's - say the 11's while doing head/shoulder/knees/toes, 12's - say the 12's while punching the air

Science - Motions

Noise - Cover your ears
Air - Hold your nose while making a yucky face
Water - Act like your drinking dirty water while making a yucky face
Land - Touch the floor and pretend to shake something off your hand
Thermal - Pretend to wipe off your forehead
Radioactive - Bring hands together.  Drop them and open in an explosion.

Art Project - This is a tough one!  I'd possibly like to make a coat of arms.  Or, I may use the Final Project as uploaded to CC Connect, again by ReneeH.

Review Game - I am going to split the kids up into 3 groups and do review games.  The first group will Stinky Feet, the second group will do Pick a Bug, the third group will do Potato Head.  You can find how to do Stinky Feet and Potato Head here.  For Pick a Bug - I'll have several different plastic bugs in a bag.  Each bug will correlate to a different subject.  As they pick out the bug, they will have to say the memory work for that subject.

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