Monday, August 5, 2013

Preschool Goals for 4 Year Old Twins

My crazy, adorable twins, Scout and Sawyer, are now 4 years old.  Three years ago, my oldest son was 4 years old and I was spending all my free time researching and planning for our first official homeschool year together.  It feels like that was just yesterday!

Now, I am in a bit of a different boat.  This coming year, I will focus on homeschooling my oldest son (2nd grade), but also want to give attention to the twins' education.  Though I don't push any formal education on my kiddos at this age, I do want to take advantage of this time when their brains are like sponges.  My daughter asks me to homeschool regularly.  My twin boy, though not as interested in sitting still and doing worksheets, is also very curious and is clearly soaking in the information.

The most precious thing, of course, is seeing them sit together and learn together.

For the coming year, 2013 - 2014, my goals for my twins is the following:

- Treat them like the individuals they are.  Understand that they will have different interests, different strengths, and different challenges.

- Read together every week day.

- Involve them in the weekly Classical Conversations memory work (if they are willing) and daily Bible lessons.

- Have fun playing games, doing crafts, exercising, and snuggling together.


- In regard to knowledge, I want to focus on the following:
  • Phonics - able to recognize every letter and tell me the sound(s) it makes.  We will start working through 100 Easy Lessons together.  The challenge, of course, will be figuring out whether we should do this together or separately.  If separately, my time will be stretched!
  • Handwriting - Begin handwriting readiness.  Develop motor skills like cutting and tracing.  
  • Colors - recognize and identify every color
  • Shapes - recognize and identify the major shapes
  • Numbers - recognize and identify 1 - 100.  They will also be exposed to skip counting (1's - 14's) via Classical Conversations.
  • Personal Info - I'd like them to know my phone number and their address.

What am I missing?  I would love to hear from other preschool parents, especially parents of twins.  I don't want to obsess about this, as I feel a lot of their learning happens so naturally.  However, I also do not want to neglect their education as I devote a lot of my homeschooling focus on their older brother.  

Would love to hear from you!  Thanks in advance for all your comments.  

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