Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2012

Horrendously, I did not upload a single post about Merrick's first grade year!  I was just looking through our pictures and am kicking myself for not being more diligent and intention about documenting our year.  So, starting with this post, I am going to go through our pictures and just make some very picture heavy, quick posts of some of the highlights of our year.

This field trip to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm's Pumpkin Patch was one of the highlights of our year together.  It was only $5 per kiddo, and we got an entire day of adventure for that.  We ran through mazes, had a hay ride, had an incredible picnic (while the kids played on tractors and playscapes), decorated pumpkins, played tug-o-war, and even had a potato sack race.  It was flat awesome.

On top of that, we got to pick out our family pumpkins, which is always important to me.  Here and here (on our family site) are our pictures from last year, in case you were curious.  

Here are some pictures from our time on the Tree Farm:

Loved the sign by the animals.  Poor Jenny the Donkey is really being called out there.

Loooove our ACC Homes Cool group.

I love to see Sawyer around animals.  Perhaps this is just my imagination, but there is something about him that seems to just click with little furry creatures. 

Always gotta have a funny face picture!

Merrick with two of our favorite gals, Nia & Juju.

I LOVE this pic of Merrick with Juju.  She is truly a ray of sunshine.  

Climbing to the top of the mountain!

Tug of war!  One of my favorite events.  I love the thought of my kiddos doing something so "old school."  It's so low tech.  No internet.  No smart gadget.  Just grab a robe and have some fun.

I love that there was a random horse that just wondered around the area.  Doesn't get more Texan than that.

This is how Merrick and his buddy passed the time in the car on the way to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm aka The Pumpkin Patch.

Technically, we weren't supposed to be on the tractors, but we didn't read those signs until AFTER our play time.  Oops.


Time for a nap.

And, now for a few of our annual pumpkin patch pictures:

A video of our time together:

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