Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Unit Study

In this house, we get ri-ci-dic-u-lously excited about Halloween (yes, I did make up that word...that's just how excited we get around here).  And, thankfully, there are a TON of Halloween printables and ideas online (free!) that we can use to help make homeschool fun.  Here is the majority of our game plan for our Pumpkin Unit Study we'll be tackling next week:

Bible Study

 - Just like last year, we will be doing the Pumpkin Parable with our church small group.  You can find more info on this here on our family blog.

 - We'll also make a "Christian Jack-o-latern" this year.  You can find the printables for this at this awesome blog, 1+1+1=1.  


- Game: Roll the Dice - in this game, you roll dice, add the numbers together, then color the square on the pumpkin, scarecrow, or spider with that number.  Merrick can't wait to play this game!

- Game: Pumpkin Poke - another free game from Teachers Pay Teachers.  


- Fluency Game - I am loving this game!  The kids pick a card and then, depending upon which space they are on, read the card in a different voice (scary, goofy, monster voice).  And, bonus - it's another freebie.  Grab it from Debbie's Dabblings.  

- Pumpkin Pie Rhyming Game - students match pairs of rhyming words, then record their answers (handwriting!).

- Short and Long i Word Sort - This is a simple cut and paste worksheet.  The student cuts out pictures and puts them under either a pumpkin (short i) or pie (long i).

- Pumpkin Compound Match - students practice pairing two words together to make a compound word.  Then, they record their answers on the answer sheet (more handwriting!).  


- Pumpkin Spinner Game - this is a fun game to help with early graphing skills and writing simple pumpkin vocabulary words.

Art & Crafts
For our art projects, Merrick will be painting a pumpkin using a marble as seen here on 1+1+1=1.  If you remember, Merrick loves marbles.  

- We may also make a Halloween spider handprint like this one here.  

- While Merrick is doing his schoolwork, the twins will be enjoying Pumpkin Baggie Games found here at the Me and Marie Learning blog.  

In addition to all this, Merrick and I have checked out 327 pumpkin/Halloween themed books from the library to read together.  We will probably also use our 5 senses to write different descriptive words about the inside AND outside of a pumpkin.  Also, we'll be having a Halloween Homes Cool Day with our homeschool group.  We are very much looking forward to that.  On that day, we will measure a pumpkin, weigh a pumpkin, estimate how many seeds are inside, see if a pumpkin floats or not, and make a pumpkin glyph with our friends.  I'll write a separate post for that.  

Have a Happy Pumpkin Day!

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  1. Love looking around your blog! I'm a newbie to homeschooling but am starting with 2nd grade and preschool (and tot school!). AND, I have twins, as well, but they are my oldest (2nd graders). Anyway, your blog is awesome and I'm off to check more of your posts out.