Sunday, July 10, 2011

Forward Facing Bookshelves

 Look what I done did made!  For only $5 each, I was able to make a couple of 24 inch, forward facing bookshelves for the playroom using Ana White's ledge plans.  I decided to make this type of bookshelf after reading the theory that children read more and longer when the books on a shelf face forward.  I read that online, so I'm sure it's true.  :)

Immediately, the children went nuts 

I actually finished the shelves a week or two ago, but had them lying on the floor because I wasn't sure how I was going to hang them.  Finally, I bought and tinkered with some dry wall anchors only to find out that there was a stud in the exact spot in which I wanted to hang them.  So, I ended up just screwing them straight into the wall (after pre-drilling, of course).

Here's what the twins were doing while I was hanging the shelves...

Must run.  Gotta get to work on the cubby storage system!

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  1. Looks great!! Funny- I just found out about Ana White (yeah, seriously) and just put up my own shelves this past weekend. Great minds think alike! I added a wooden spice shelf looking thing at the bottom, to hold a bunch of the smaller board books.
    Looks like those kiddos got some energy out while you prepared their area! :)